Monthly Archives: February 2012

Owl Love

Found a pattern for this cute owl in my blog reader this morning. The tutorial can be found here.
I am going to make them into pins. The purple one was made exactly as tutorial indicated.
Sugar and Cream Cotton with a 5.00 mm hook.


This one was made with the same cotton yarn, I used a 4.00mm hook on this one.

I put safety eyes on both of them. I am really pleased at how they turned out


Turning the Heels x 2

I managed to get the 2nd sock finished so now I am going to work on both heels at the same time.
I just finished the heel flap on the first sock and am working on the 2nd one now.


The Beginnings of a Cowl


I got a request from one of my work mates to make a cowl for her. She already has a cowl, the same style in green, she really likes the cowl, so I am making another one for her. The pattern is a free one on the Lion Brand website and can be found here. She wanted a finer yarn so that it can be worn longer in the season, our winter here in Vancouver has been pretty mild.


I haven’t been working on this cowl very much as I have been madly working on my socks. Reds just do not take well and it looks like the photo is blurry.  I have completed 4 of 12 rows and hope to have it finished in the next  couple of days. I want to get it done so I can devote my whole attention to finishing up my socks. New photos will be forthcoming in the next few days.

Isak, Marlie, and Socks

Isak and I out for dinner last Friday night. I love The goofy look on Isak’s face.


Fooling around with some of my iPhone photo apps. I follow several blogs where then photos are all positioned nicely with photo templates. I like the neatness of it so tried it on my phone.


Valentine’s Day

Wishing every one a day filled with love and happiness. My son presented this to me this morning.


Of Bowls and Balls……oh and Fruit

I have seen many patterns for crochet bowls, I decided this would be a good project to use as a stash buster. I found a pattern online and set to making the bowls. Here is the first set I made, with a pear and apple. This first set is made from Vanna’ Choice yarns in a cream and purple color. I gifted these to a friend for her birthday.


I made a second set for a young lady whom I was fortunate to meet in Starbucks, she watched me crocheting the first set and I promised to make some bowls for her. She has a little brother so I made a couple of balls so she could share. I heard from her Mom who says that the bowls have been filled with various treasures.

The pattern for the nesting bowls is here, this pattern was also featured in the Issue 10 of Mollie Makes Magazine. I combined a few tutorials for the balls. The pear tutorial is here and the apple is here

Ready to Turn the Heel


Here I am ready to turn the heel. Knitting the leg of the sock on one needle has been enjoyable so far, the next part will be the test. If I can successfully turn this heel, the sock will get a mate. If not then I shall be content to wear one sock, a colorful and pretty sock nonetheless.
Wish me luck in my heel turning journey and hope for a mate to be born!

Socks 101


2012 was going to be the year I was going to knit socks. I was also going to finish off my works in progress. In my knitting notebook I made a list if the items I had left to do, shown here.


I have finished a few of these items and marked the date I finished them. I have actually started a couple of others that are not added to the list….sigh, it never ends. It is always nice to have a few things on the go, it is never dull that away!


A bunting for home and one for work. I love seeing homemade items hanging in my space. It gives me a good feeling.