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Frosted Leaves

frosted leaves

Frosty leaves, North Vancouver, BC

Colours of the Sunset

walk home

January 18th, 2013 Keith Road, North Vancouver, BC

Webbed Beauty

spiderweb on 19th

North Vancouver, BC

Foggy Morning


North Vancouver, BC

2013 Day 1

Beautiful sunny day here in North Vancouver, BC for the first day of the year. I think I post the first day of every year and very little after that. I like the thought of having a blog, updating it is something else. I will never promise to do so as I feel then it is like work and I won’t continue.

I would like to thank all of you who visited my blog over the past year. I am happy that you like the photos I have been putting up and I have gained a few new followers as well. I was always thrilled to see the likes in my Inbox.

I am not making any resolutions for the upcoming year as like blogging ever day, resolutions are made to be broken. I do however, want to take more photos with my Pentax K100 DSLR. It is handy to have my iPhone with me to be able to capture at that moment but I do want to expand my photography skills.

FirstĀ  photos of 2013:

North Shore Knitters Knit Along: Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl

NSK KAL 2013 NSK KAL 2013

Granny Stripe Blanket:

This has been ongoing for about a year, I am going to finish it this year doing at the very least 3 colour stripes per week and I hope to do more.

Granny Blanket