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Crochet and Bead Ring

I decided to try my hand at making a crochet ring after reading this post on Kootooyoo. I used #10 crochet cotton and the smallest beads I had.

Pink Beaded Ring

Hmmmm not sure about the whole thing, I had made it to wear on my middle finger as shown below.


All in all it turned out fine, except, when it got wet, the thread stretched and it kind of went out of shape and became much bigger than it was. I guess using embroidery floss may be the way to go or I could try starching the ring. That may stiffen it up and not cause it to stretch out. I will put these on my list to try again down the road.

Granny Stripe Love

I received an order of yarn from Deramores in the United Kingdom, ordered on the 5th of May and arrived on the 10th of May, cost to ship to Canada $4.86, I was very impressed. I unpacked and the colours jumped out at me, the picture of them on the website did not do them any justice whatsoever. The picture below does not do the colours any justice but here they are all stacked up on my bed.

I am knitting a blanket for Isak and didn’t want to start a project with the yarn until I finished. Isak very graciously said I could put his blanket on hold and work on it during my knit nights. I immediately dived in and started on the Granny Stripe blanket. Here it is in the beginning – photo taken on Sunday at Waves on Main in Vancouver, the hot chocolate was pretty good too.

I have done about 15 double rows in the next pics – it is fun trying to decide what colour you are going to use next. I do take a peek at Lucy’s blanket here for some inspiration and I am sure some of my stripes and pattern are just like hers. I love her blanket and I hope if she ever sees this she will take it as a compliment!

Gotta have one from the Iphone too!

Since this photo was taken I have added 6 more colours, just bombing away on it.

Mom and Me Granny Boutique Bags

I had a great time making this bag and made a one a little bit larger for Mom to carry around as well. You can find the pattern here. These bags were easy to make up and I added a little flower bling. I made one of the blue bags for one of my co-workers and there may be more on order.

Close up of the flower.

Close up of the flowers on each of the bags

Granny Square/Stripe Pillow

I got the inkling to make a pillow. I had purchased some yarn from JoAnn’s Fabrics on one of my trips to Bellingham, WA. I had yet to decide what I wanted to do with it and decided to use one each of the colours for a pillow. I found a form at Michael’s and proceeded to crochet up a storm. I made this over four days, I had a couple of days vacation so was able to finish before I went back to work. On the last day, I went for a walk and took my crocheting with me. I sat in the park and worked on it, the sun was so warm. I did get some pretty nice photos. The ones I took on my bed are not the greatest but not bad at least you can see the both sides.

Pillow Front

Pillow Back


Pillow In Progress

 Pillow In Progress


My Creative Space and Mother’s Day

Seems these days I have a number of things going on. I am crocheting several items as well as knitting a blanket for Isak. In between all of that, I have started doing some digital scrapbooking again. Here is a shot of my creative space today.

Isak took me out for lunch today, we went and had my favorite Japanese food… The Mall. We talked about going to different places but I had a craving for Pine Sushi so that is where we went. Isak was insistent he pick up my food so I went and found us a place to sit. He gave me the bag with my lunch and when I opened it, there was a handmade card from him to me for Mother’s Day. I was so happy, here he is with my card and my lunch. After lunch we went to Indigo Books and he got me a Strawberries and Cream Frappuchino at Starbucks. It was very yummy.

Please Don’t Be…..

in love with someone else

April Blossoms

From LemeLeme.

LemeLeme. Don’t Think, Just Shoot!

I had a gift card from Indigo Books that Isak bought me for Christmas. I had yet to use it until I found this gem. I read about it on a blog and went to check it out for myself. I am glad I did, lots of inspiration