Monthly Archives: February 2008

Coming Home

Isak coming home from his Christmas holiday in Kelowna with his Grandfather. He had a good time but was quite happy to be back home with Mom. Jan08

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My favorite girl to scrap, Isak’s friend Rowyn

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My Guy

Isak acting goofy while we were taking a few photos one evening.

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Isak’s Gifts

Isak’s Valentine’s gifts.

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The Beauty of Nature

Some photos I shot when we were out on Cypress Mountain. January 2008

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Hiding From The Camera

Isak and Rowyn doing their best to avoid having a photo taken by me. January 2008

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City Scape

Photos of Vancouver I took from Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, BC. January 27, 2008

Template challenge from Fryske’s Blog

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Journaling reads:
One photo I wanted to take when I got my new camera was the one on the layout. I always loved seeing the different ways people took their photo, with one eye showing. Well now I have my own photo like that. I know, pretty silly but then again I have been pretty silly lately. I am thinking I am a photographer extrodinnaire LOL. Maybe one of these days I will be, practice, practice, practice. January 28, 2008

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Lonsdale Quay

I am on a new CT – Kelly Shults. I wasn’t going to apply for any CT’s but I really like her designs. When I applied, I had some life issues happening and wasn’t able to accept the position. I wrote her back once the issues cleared up and she still had a spot for me. Am I lucky or what? I will be with her for 6 months and then she can fire me if she wants to LOL

On Isak’s actual birthday, we hung out together. We went to Indigo Books and then headed down to Lonsdale Quay before heading out to Red Robin for a birthday dinner. I snapped some photos of Vancouver and took a few of Isak in front of the fountain.

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