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I have been really struggling lately with different events going on in my life. It has been 4 years on the 24th of March since my Mom passed away and I felt it more this year than in the past years.

I also have been going through some changes inside of myself and not ones that I am liking very much.

I don’t even feel like scrapping most of the time. This layout is about one of the most significant things going on for me right now. Hard to
put things into words cause seeing them makes it hurt all the more. I am hoping by putting them down though that I can maybe look at things differently. I wish that the one person who loved me for me was still alive and that I still had her to talk to and to hold me when I need to be held.

Journaling reads:

Why do I feel my life is now so black. Isak is on his way to becoming
very independent and I am stuck in a slump. No one person whom I can be myself with. I thought I had found that person and would be so happy to spend the rest of my life with them. I thought they like me and then I had to go and ask them out for dinner. Now they will barely talk to me. I took a risk and I never take risks. I have never wanted to take a risk. For them I did, I was so wrong. 03/08

Sunday Afternoon

I am so enjoying my new camera and what I can do with it. I have tons to learn but have taken what I think are some pretty awesome photos. I took these when Isak and I went walking on the seawall on a Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed the walk and enjoyed spending time with my baby boy.

Dea Spina – Multi Photos 3 – Layered Templates
Anna Russell – the Accessories (Blog Freebie)
Font – 13th Ghostwrite


Some photos I took one Sunday morning in February at Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver, BC.

Dea Spina – Multi Photos 3 Layered Templates
Tracy Ann Robinson – Peek A Boo Grunge Paper
Bren Boone – Lucious Solid Papers
Font – For The One Hundredth Time

A Moment Between Friends

Somedays I actually believe in miracles when I see the two of you so easily havieng a laugh together and sharing time with each other. So often you shate what seems to me to be one perfect moment, but in truth there are so many perfect moments. I love you both and you make me happy, keep smiling cause I love that smile.

Kit – Moments Together – Misty Cato
Wordart – Cut Canvas Phrases – Misty Cato
Action – Peeled and Revealed – Tracy Murphy

Card Template

I like playing with templates and when I am inspired to make one I want to share it with everyone.

Here is the preview of the template and you can click on the image to download.
The template is in psd, tiff and png format.
I hope you enjoy and if you download, please leave a comment.

Here is an example I created using Dea Spina’s Cupid Life Kit which can be found at Digitals

Korean Traditional Costume

Journaling reads:
Isak was given this costume by one of his classmates. He loved it and couldn’t wait to model it for me. He looked great and tole me it was a New Year’s Costume. It was such a nice gesture by the parents of Isak’s classmate to give him this. Isak is a very well liked boy and that makes me so proud.

Kit: Cupid Life – Dea Spina
Template – Karen Maggie from Scrapbook Graphics
Font – Arial