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Weekend Skies #12

The weekend was not so nice, lots of grey skies so as I was off today (Monday, Mar 31), I am considering it as part of the weekend. It was spectacular out, sunshine, blue skies, and warmth. I took my camera and snapped a few photos of knitted and crocheted items I made. I sat in the sun drinking coffee and eating a muffin, knitting away on my sock. Here are a few photos from my walk

orning Has Broken Shawl

Morning Has Broken Shawl

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Mt Seymour

Rae Shawl

Tims, Socks, Sunshine


Finished Socks and New Socks and Wrist Warmers

Finished Socks

I have finished knitting my first pair of socks. I was happy to cast off the last stitch and put them on my feet. I immediately started making another pair for my son.

Finished Socks


Isak’s Socks

Made from Regia Yarn, this striping pattern is visually pleasing to me. I am a colourful person and I like the brightness of the colours, Isak is looking forward to me finishing.

Isak's Socks


Wrist Warmers

I want to make these wrist warmers featured in Mollie Makes, I need to make these wrist warmers. I am unable to find the yarns people are using to make them. Some people have used Circulo Clea #5, no where to be found in Canada. I know it can be purchased off Ebay and a yarn shop in the UK, although with the exchange, becomes quite expensive. I will be searching around for a suitable substitute.


Ready to Turn the Heel


Here I am ready to turn the heel. Knitting the leg of the sock on one needle has been enjoyable so far, the next part will be the test. If I can successfully turn this heel, the sock will get a mate. If not then I shall be content to wear one sock, a colorful and pretty sock nonetheless.
Wish me luck in my heel turning journey and hope for a mate to be born!

Socks 101


2012 was going to be the year I was going to knit socks. I was also going to finish off my works in progress. In my knitting notebook I made a list if the items I had left to do, shown here.


I have finished a few of these items and marked the date I finished them. I have actually started a couple of others that are not added to the list….sigh, it never ends. It is always nice to have a few things on the go, it is never dull that away!