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Seen along the Vancouver Seawall at False Creek, March 23, 2012

Vancouver Seawall at False Creek



This was taken on March 19, 2012, for all intensive purposes it is supposed to be spring, well a few days short of the big day but come on, snow…..seriously. I am happy to report that it has stopped snowing, the sun has peaked out and of course it has rained. Typical Vancouver weather.


On To Something New

For a long time I have wanted to put crocheted borders on something. I have looked at doing pillowcases, tablecloths, and kitchen towels.
I got the towels from Walmart for $1.00, wanted inexpensive ones to practice on. I have to Crochet Thread from Michael’s to put the border on, I think I will get red as there is red in both towels. I thought this would be an easy way to ease into doing crochet borders, if it messes up the towels, I haven’t put too much into it.

Towels To Embroider & Supplies

I am still working on Isak’s socks, ready to pick up the heel stitches on the first sock. I am liking how colorful they are, I think he likes them as well. I am waiting on a second 2.75 Knit Picks circular needle so I can work two socks at the same time.

Isak's Socks

Finished Socks and New Socks and Wrist Warmers

Finished Socks

I have finished knitting my first pair of socks. I was happy to cast off the last stitch and put them on my feet. I immediately started making another pair for my son.

Finished Socks


Isak’s Socks

Made from Regia Yarn, this striping pattern is visually pleasing to me. I am a colourful person and I like the brightness of the colours, Isak is looking forward to me finishing.

Isak's Socks


Wrist Warmers

I want to make these wrist warmers featured in Mollie Makes, I need to make these wrist warmers. I am unable to find the yarns people are using to make them. Some people have used Circulo Clea #5, no where to be found in Canada. I know it can be purchased off Ebay and a yarn shop in the UK, although with the exchange, becomes quite expensive. I will be searching around for a suitable substitute.