Ready to Turn the Heel


Here I am ready to turn the heel. Knitting the leg of the sock on one needle has been enjoyable so far, the next part will be the test. If I can successfully turn this heel, the sock will get a mate. If not then I shall be content to wear one sock, a colorful and pretty sock nonetheless.
Wish me luck in my heel turning journey and hope for a mate to be born!

2 responses to “Ready to Turn the Heel

  • craftsbythesea

    First time is always daunting as the instructions always seem wrong but some how they are right and you achieve a turned heel. Good Luck. Happy Knitting ♥

    • mmakynen

      I figured as much and I have decided to knit the 2nd sock to the same spot and do the heels together. I am finding even doing the 2nd sock is going much faster now that I have knit one. I am kind of looking forward to having them done.

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