Monthly Archives: June 2006

Isak Again

Journaling reads:
For some reason we take the best photos of you (my opinion) while we are waiting on your swimming lesson. I guess the impromptu ones turn out best!

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Journaling reads:
You always had a towel hanging from your head. I would turn my head for one minute and there you would be, a towel on that cute head. Doing the dishes, I would turn and look for you, there you would be all decked out in the towel, moving along the cupboards and pleased as punch with yourself. I was always able to get a great big smile out of you. 1998

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Journaling reads:
You were gone for 3 nights and 2 days to Cub Camp. I was happy you were home cause I did miss u like crazy. Fooling around I snapped the photo of you giving me some tude.

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Journaling reads:
You decided you wanted to join Cubs after a family day at one of the local recreation centres. I was never more proud than when youwent through the investiture ceremony. Somehow a passage to manhood.

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Enjoy the Journey

A BC Ferry just pulling away from the dock.
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Journaling reads:
Woodland Park Zoo only a couple hour drive from North Vancouver, BC. Isak and I enjoy going there and seeing all the animals, having lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and strolling along the very beautiful grounds of the zoo.

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Mr Messy

Journaling reads:
Isak loved to get into the cupboard and take out all the mixing bowls. He would sit and play for hours. He would put one on each hand and slide across the floor.

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I have to do a few self-indulgent posts. I am feeling a little bit better but still not walking very good. I have had more than a few tears the past few days. Went to the Doctor this morning as I was having major issues with the leg. I shouldn’t say was cause I still am having issues with it. I am frustrated and depressed beyond belief. I am so tired of this, I know it will heal and take time but I don’t have time…..I am out of time now.

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Quote Read:
Friendship has no name but love.
Habib Sahabib

At the Park

Isak and Rowyn at Mosquito Creek Park

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