Monthly Archives: November 2008

Been Awhile

I haven’t updated for awhile, just haven’t been feeling much like doing anything.
I don’t know if I have scrapped more than one page in the last few weeks. I was trying to get some Christmas Cards made and I did manage to get some digitally done and printed at Walmart. I now just have to add them to some cardstock and they will be finished.
Isak and I went to visit our friends in the US yesterday. What a day, first off it was raining like crazy, not really a good day for a drive but what the heck eh. There was an accident on the highway so we were 1 hour getting from Coquitlam to the border. Then I was chosen to have my vehicle inspected at the Nexus lane. It wasn’t so bad and I was happy to comply with that. I love having the Nexus pass and I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize it. We had a good time, I got a tripod for my camera at Target, I have been wanting one for quite awhile and I thought why not. It wasn’t expensive and it is pretty light so will be easy to carry around.
We had dinner with Joanne and Robert and then headed back to North Vancouver, we got home by about 8pm. I had a great day and managed to get some really nice photos of the tree outside their house.
Here are a few photos I took yesterday

Wii 4 Christmas

Isak was thrilled to get a Wii for Christmas. I had fun watching him open the gift. I was really glad to be able to get this series of photos of him opening the present. December 2007.

Misty Cato – Wide Eyed Wonder

Halloween 2008

Here is Isak all painted up for a night of Trick or Treating in North Vancouver, BC.


Dee – All Hallows Eve Kit
Bel Vidotti – Broom
Lori Barnhurst – Paper Overlay
Something Blue Studios – Photo Overlay
Rubia Padhila – Template

Halloween Toppers

I decided to do Halloween Bag Toppers for Isak’s classmates this year. There are tons of freebie kits for halloween and I had a great time mixing and matching them to make these.

Here are all the bags waiting to be delivered to Isak’s school mates the following day!
I had fun making them and Isak said the kids liked them.