Monthly Archives: February 2006

My 8th Birthday

Isak and buddies celebrating at his birthday party.

Kit: Party Time – Misty Cato at Scrap Outside The Box
Font: Minya Nouvelle

Isak and Julian

Isak and Julian before their swimming lesson last winter.

Kit: Baby Blues Kit – Misty Cato SOTB
Font: Century Gothic
Program: PSP9

My Cub

Isak posing for a picture before heading out to Cubs.

Kit: Baby Blues Kit – Misty Cato – Scrap Outside The Box
Font: Cacue
Program: PSP9

Isak and Margaret

Isak and Margaret taking flowers to where we spread Mom’s ashes.
Was a touching time for all of us.

I used the kit I created for CSE’s Citrus Kit challenge. I created a few more elements to add to it. The tag, ribbon, brad and frame.
Font: Comic Sans MS


Kit: Sarah Davis – June 1 Crop Kit (SOTB)
Fonts: Adler, AL Highlight, AL Patriot

Journaling reads:

it took the penguins sometime to appear, but when they did, they were so comical. they would waddle around the rock and then dive into the pool. 2 of them would surface and then just as i was aiming the camera, the other 2 would surface and all 4 would disappear below the water.

It’s About the Hair

Kit: Scrap Artist – Art Inspiration Kit
Font: My Type Of Font

Long Week

Hmmm lately I have been feeling quite uncreative but seem to have been bitten by the bug again. Things have been quite hectic around the house and I have a hard time settling down to do any scrapping. I was feeling quite tired this past week, just getting over all the activity and excitement from Isak’s birthday.
He had a great time and said he enjoyed this birthday the best ever. I enjoyed it too, he is becoming quite a little man.

Here is a picture of him surrounded by the gals he invited to his party – only one was missing from this photo. He had 12 kids at his party, 6 girls and 6 boys including him.

Isak at 8

Isak has started to spend time in the bathroom combing his hair.
I requested this photo of him with his hair newly combed and he obliged.

Going on Safari

At the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, they have an African Savanna. Here you will find many animals you find in Africa. This is always a highlight of our trip to the zoo. I love seeing the elephants, giraffes and you can spot a wildebeest every now and then LOL.