Monthly Archives: February 2010

Each Flower

Each flower is unique and one of a kind.

Project 52 Week 7

The members of the Radio Distribution Room got a surprise today, the Olympic Torch came to visit. Those of us there were able to get our photos taken holding the torch.  What a thrill!!

My Go To’s

Purple Flowers

Beautiful flowers along the Seawall in West Vancouver, BC

My Heart

Project 52 Week 6

Nothing says Valentine’s like hearts and candy.

Love Is:

spending time every sunday at the pool watching you swim.


True Love

You are and will always be my one true love.
I love you now and forever

I Love You

A sweet banner I made and have hanging on my office door at work.

One thing I love is that in 2 days – Friday February 12, 2010, I will be working my first shift for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games and that is making me very happy.