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Sweet N Spunky and At The Beach

Sweet N Spunky

Isak’s friend Rowyn – June 2009

Misty Cato – Spunky Sweet
Timounette – Template 81

At The Beach

Isak at the beach in June

Misty Cato – Rocky Shores
Tartine – Cracked Templates

World Wide Photowalk

I took part in Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photowalk on July 19, 2009 in my city of North Vancouver, BC. It was a lot of fun.

Sue Cummings – Simply Perfect Kit
YB Designs – Template
Font – DJB Lizzy Fizzed Out

Day At The Beach

Isak and a friend spending the day at the beach.

Misty Cato – Rocky Shores
Stolen Moments – Template

The Beach

Some photos I took in June when I went to the beach.

Sue Cummings – Colorbloks, 52 Inspirations 2009 Wk 25, 52 Inspirations 2009 Wk 16, & Simply Perfect Kit.
A Miller – Template
Font – Blue Highway Linocut


Sue Cummings – April Special Offer and 52 Inspirations 2009 Wk 10

Sweet Contest at MCP

Searching through my Google Reader this morning, I came across this contest at MCP Actions for a fantastic lens.
Here is a link to Jodi’s Blog:

The rules are as follows:

To enter, you will need to do the following:

– Post to your blog, twitter and/or facebook about this contest (let people know how to enter and provide a link)

– Come back here and leave a comment writing where you posted (with link so that it can be verified if your post is picked from the random drawing)

– In your comment, please write why you want to win this lens, where you would want to most the lens, and for fun tell us how many lenses you currently own.

To qualify, you must:

– Have a US mailing address that the lens can ship to – this can be yours or a friend or relative but make sure you have one prior to entering (Tamron USA is only authorized to sell and distribute in the US)

– Have a Camera that works with Tamron Lenses.  If you do not have a Nikon or Canon SLR, a similar range lens for Pentax or Sony will be substituted.

– Do all the above items explained in the “enter section.”

– Please do not add comments more than once.  I approve all comments to limit spam (unless have commented and been approved on another post in recent days).  I will approve posts at least once every 12 hours – if not sooner.  So be patient and check back.  If you see your comment is on many times, email me and let me know what name was used and what post numbers, so I can delete the duplicates in fairness to all.

At first I was bummed as it was for Nikon and Canon, neither camera do I have. I kept reading though….and was pleasantly surprised see they will substitute with a Pentax *yes* if I didn’t have either of the previous 2 mentioned. I was pretty happy about that. I have a 70-300mm Tamron lens which i love. I would love one where I didn’t have to keep switching. I have had to have my sensor cleaned on my camera a couple of times and I am convinced it is because I am changing my lens all the time. I also love to use my newest lens a 50mm 1.4 which takes very nice portraits. I know I would take it everywhere with me and use it in all kinds of photo ops!
I have 3 lens currently – 18 – 55mm kit lens, 70 – 300mm Tamron Zoom Lens, and 50mm 1.4 Pentax lens.

Simply Summer

Chillin’ at the beach with a friend

Sue Cummings – Simply Summer
Sue Cummings – Colorblocks
Sue Cummings – Whitewash White and Dirty
Font – Century Gothic

Simply Love

Journaling reads:

You, my heart yearns for you. The first thought in my morning and my last thought at night. Sometimes I think I will go crazy with longing for you. I met you two years ago and didn’t think much about you until one day it knocked me off my feet. I heard birds signing and stars shooting and i knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were my soulmate. You also seemed to have an attraction to me, infact i was pretty sure of it. Now I am not so sure and you are out of my life. I know that I will never find another you and don’t plan on it. I am hoping somehow or someway that your heart will find my heart. I know you will never be sorry. I adore you and think you have a stunning face, your body isn’t bad if I may be so bold to say so. I think you are simply perfect and I know I have a crush on you!

Sue Cummings – Simply Perfect Kit – Background Paper, Simply Perfect 2 – Word Art, & Simply Red QP – Heart and Word Art
Marlie – Grungy Border
Various Brushes

Canada Day

Parade and fireworks, a great way to spend the the day. It was a sunny and hot day, great all around.

Jaye – Canadian Flag Template
Wyld Web Designs – Independence Day – Canadian Edition
Font – Underwood Champion


Isak participating in the Canada Day Parade with his Cub Pack, I love the Canadian Flag sticking out of his pocket.

Sue Cummings – 52 Inspirations 2009 Wk 25
Sue Cummings – Frame from Simply Perfect Kit