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I took these photos today outside my balcony window.
I love how spiderwebs look like lace, these turned out okay but the light wasn’t that great.
I am going to try to take some photos later on when the light isn’t so bright and see how they turn out.
Anyway, here they are

On this last one I used Michelle Pearson’s Sunkissed 3 Action on this.
I liked the photo but it was a bit blurry. The other 2 photos were SOOC (straight out of the camera)

Busy Bee

On one of my walks on the Seawall, I came across this little guy. I was happy to capture this busy bee.

Seawall Flora

I took a walk on the West Vancouver seawall one day when Isak was at a birthday party. I specifically went there to capture some floral photos as the flowers have changed somewhat since the summer started. With every footstep there seemed to be a different flower and something new to take. I enjoyed myself and got some pretty spectacular photos.

The wind was blowing and I thought this was pretty

Coffee plant perhaps?? I didn’t know Starbucks was growing plants in Vancouver LOL

July 4, 2007

I have been going through some old photos and starting to scrap them, I found this one of Dan and Isak which I like.
It was taken on July 4, 2007 in Birch Bay, Washington. We were on the beach getting ready to set off fireworks. Nothing like 4th of July fireworks. Sure make the fireworks here in North Vancouver look pathetic. I wanted it to be really simple and make the focus on the photo. I loved the sunset in this one and it was taken with my Kodak point and shoot camera.

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Centennial Beach Fun

A day spent at Centennial Beach on a great day in April 2007.

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Up A Tree

Rowyn climbing a tree at Centennial Beach. April 07


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Already August

I can’t believe we are already in August, the time really flies by. Isak came home today from spending a month with my Dad in Kelowna. We decided to send him home on the bus as gas is just so expensive and Dad always has to pay the toll on the Coquihalla Highway. He usually comes to Hope and picks Isak up and then brings him back there. I went to the bus depot to pick Isak up and expected to have a 20 minute wait before the bus came in. I was surprised to see him standing there waiting for me. He gave me the biggest hug, I was so happy to see him. I had planned on taking some photos of the bus coming in and him getting off the bus but I didn’t. I did manage to get a few photos of him when we were leaving the Bus Depot.

I am glad you are home Isak!