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Lookin At Me

The snake was asleep, its head wasn’t even facing me. It was almost as if it could sense me there. The head came up and posed for my picture. I never get pictures like this, only other people do. I was thrilled. Thanks Mr. Snake for giving me a great photo op!

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More Water Fun

Journaling reads:
This was our first trip to the waterslides, you had a wonderful time. You wanted to slide with me on every turn, not quite ready to let go. We went up and down the hill so many times that day. I loved our family day together, just you and I.

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A very nice lady, my friend Cherrie.

Kit: Misty Cato – Enchanted Forest
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Marlie and Isak

Photo op for Isak and I at his 5th birthday party. 3 years have passed since this photo was taken.


Trans Canada Waterslides – September 2003. Isak and I having a great time slidin. Was a beautiful day for the first day of September.


Journalling reads:
I don’t often do any layouts with me in them, I am always the one on the other side of the camera. I tend to like it that way, I am not at all fond of having my picture taken. It has always been that way for me. I am most comfortable with that arrangment. My camera has a self timer so I tried to take a couple shots of me. There may be more soon :-).

The Trophy

Isak after winning his trophy in the Kub Kar festivities.
Journaling reads:
It wasn’t first place, not second…not even third place. It wasn’t the fastest, it wasn’t even the best of show. No my little Cub, it was the funniest car. The car was born from a block of wood. You decided on the design, you directed the style of it, you painted it, you put the decorations on it. You looked at it over and over again and were finally happy with it.
You carried the car with you to and from daycare. Roseanne, your caregiver, helped you with all the little details. You practiced on Cub nights, consistently in second place amongst the boys there.
The day of the race you were so excited to put your uniform on and head to Capilano Mall. I am so proud of you for creating your car. I am proud of you for taking part and I am so proud of how you did. Winning the trophy was just a bonus.

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My Scrappin Space

Desk courtesy of my parents, chair courtesy of my parents, laptop courtesy of my Dad.
I think I am pretty spoiled.

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Kub Karts

Isak’s Kub Kart at the start line, I didn’t get the finish line, it happened all too fast.

Kit: Misty Cato – Victory Lane
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Valentine’s 2006

A few gifts for Isak on Valentine’s Day