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Having a great time and hamming it up for the camera.
Sam, Cameron, Isak, Allie & Molly at the Family Fun Dance Sept 06

Laura Deacetis – Schnookums
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100 Years of Scouting


Bagheera & Roseanne holding the 100 years of scouting cake at the Baden Powell Potluck in February.

Ksharonk Designs – Good Things 2
Ksharonk Designs – Notepaper
Kim Hill – Stitching
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Isak enjoying himself – Summer 06

DebF – Font Challenge Freebie
Lively – Bluish Dream
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Scraplifted from a layout by Dorothy Huffman – Parent in the May issue of Creating Keepsakes Page 112

Pumpkin Patch


Isak and Robroy at the pumpkin patch – Oct 06

Dea Spina – Autumn Templates
Dea Spina – Autumn Party – Fall & Halloween Kits
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Hangin’ By The Pool


Isak, 3 years, in his pool at Grandma & Pappa’s.

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Journaling Reads:
I always used to say Isak had 2 mothers and not 1. Mommy Tula, his caregiver from age 7 months to 5 years was just like a mother to Isak. He loved her as much as he did his own mother and grandmother. She cared for him as if he were her own son. To this day we go and visit her every chance we get. On a day off from school, Isak likes nothing better than to go over to her place and play with the kids in the daycare. Of course Mommy Tula will cook his favorite foods as well. He knew he was loved by her as a mother.

Misty Cato – About A Boy Kit
Misty Cato – Roughed Up Templates
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Nothing says fall more here at our house than Isak out for a day to sell apples in the annual Apple Day Fundraiser the cubs partake in every year. They politely ask shoppers if they wish to purchase an apple. The amt is by donation. The boys do well.

Dea Spina:
Autumn Party – Fall & Halloween Kits
Autumn Templates
Font – A La Russ
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Baby of Mine


Isak hanging out in his car seat, waiting to go. 1998

Misty Cato Elements:
Paper from Northwest Casual Kit
Paint the Town Stars
Paint the Town Flowers
Pastel Notes
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Your Smile


Meredith Fenwick – February Newsletter Freebie
Font – Artiststamp Medium

Boys Being Boys


Isak and his cub troop playing in the water at Cub Camp

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Misty Cato – Raincoats on the Beach Mini
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