Monthly Archives: October 2005

Creating Keepsakes Convention

I had the great fortune to attend the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Bellevue, Washington this past weekend. It was fun and I got to see the other side of scrapping – the paper side.
Here I am at the Prize Pick-Up Booth where I spent some time helping out on Saturday!

Computer Guy

Isak playing at his puter – a special gift from his Grandma before she passed away.
Photo taken April 2004

Happy Halloween Baby

Isak’s first halloween, we went to the local mall and got treats from the different stores. Of course Mom had to eat all the candy LOL.

Great Big Boo

Isak posing with some scaaaary folks.
We attended the great big boo last October
in Vancouver, BC

Halloween 2002

Isak has always loved Pokemon, here he was dressed up as Agumon.

Cates Park

Isak and I hanging out at a local park on a beautiful February afternoon

Symphony of Sea and Sand

Isak conducting the Sea – Ambleside Beach, West Vancouver, BC


September brings about the start of new things. Isak starts back to school and I start back to running around getting him from here to there. Swimming has started and will continue until June.

Cookin for Company

Sandy cooking us dinner while I was in Houston, Texas in July