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Weekend Skies #12

The weekend was not so nice, lots of grey skies so as I was off today (Monday, Mar 31), I am considering it as part of the weekend. It was spectacular out, sunshine, blue skies, and warmth. I took my camera and snapped a few photos of knitted and crocheted items I made. I sat in the sun drinking coffee and eating a muffin, knitting away on my sock. Here are a few photos from my walk

orning Has Broken Shawl

Morning Has Broken Shawl

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Mt Seymour

Rae Shawl

Tims, Socks, Sunshine

New Crochet Hooks

20130522-123001.jpgMother’s Day present from my son, just arrived in the mail. Thanks Angela from Polymer Clay Creations on Etsy.

A Rosy Heart

Rosy Heart

Saturday afternoon crochet.

2013 Day 1

Beautiful sunny day here in North Vancouver, BC for the first day of the year. I think I post the first day of every year and very little after that. I like the thought of having a blog, updating it is something else. I will never promise to do so as I feel then it is like work and I won’t continue.

I would like to thank all of you who visited my blog over the past year. I am happy that you like the photos I have been putting up and I have gained a few new followers as well. I was always thrilled to see the likes in my Inbox.

I am not making any resolutions for the upcoming year as like blogging ever day, resolutions are made to be broken. I do however, want to take more photos with my Pentax K100 DSLR. It is handy to have my iPhone with me to be able to capture at that moment but I do want to expand my photography skills.

First  photos of 2013:

North Shore Knitters Knit Along: Dinner in the Eiffel Tower Shawl

NSK KAL 2013 NSK KAL 2013

Granny Stripe Blanket:

This has been ongoing for about a year, I am going to finish it this year doing at the very least 3 colour stripes per week and I hope to do more.

Granny Blanket


At My Desk

This makes me happy!


End of the Week

Here are a few photos from my Iphone Instagram App. I love my Iphone and I love Instagram. I am not sure how I feel about Facebook taking over Instagram but as long as they leave it alone and leave it free, all is good.

Love my pink converse, purchased at Target in Bellingham, Washington, they have come out of the closet for the season.

Pink Converse

Love these wrist warmers I made – the pattern is in Issue 10 of Mollie Makes Magazine. A British Publication that I wish I could readily get here in North Vancouver. The last Issue I have seen here was Issue 10 and Issue 13 is already on the stands, sigh. I guess I just need to bite the bulllet and subscribe.

Wrist Warmers

Here are my son’s socks which I am still working on, almost finished the first one and then will be on to the second one. I do like knitting socks, love the repetitiveness of stocking stitch. This pattern really calls for rib all the way through, me and rib don’t really get along, I prefer just knitting or purling, not a combination of both in the same row.

Socks In Progress

On To Something New

For a long time I have wanted to put crocheted borders on something. I have looked at doing pillowcases, tablecloths, and kitchen towels.
I got the towels from Walmart for $1.00, wanted inexpensive ones to practice on. I have to Crochet Thread from Michael’s to put the border on, I think I will get red as there is red in both towels. I thought this would be an easy way to ease into doing crochet borders, if it messes up the towels, I haven’t put too much into it.

Towels To Embroider & Supplies

I am still working on Isak’s socks, ready to pick up the heel stitches on the first sock. I am liking how colorful they are, I think he likes them as well. I am waiting on a second 2.75 Knit Picks circular needle so I can work two socks at the same time.

Isak's Socks

Owl Love

Found a pattern for this cute owl in my blog reader this morning. The tutorial can be found here.
I am going to make them into pins. The purple one was made exactly as tutorial indicated.
Sugar and Cream Cotton with a 5.00 mm hook.


This one was made with the same cotton yarn, I used a 4.00mm hook on this one.

I put safety eyes on both of them. I am really pleased at how they turned out


The Beginnings of a Cowl


I got a request from one of my work mates to make a cowl for her. She already has a cowl, the same style in green, she really likes the cowl, so I am making another one for her. The pattern is a free one on the Lion Brand website and can be found here. She wanted a finer yarn so that it can be worn longer in the season, our winter here in Vancouver has been pretty mild.


I haven’t been working on this cowl very much as I have been madly working on my socks. Reds just do not take well and it looks like the photo is blurry.  I have completed 4 of 12 rows and hope to have it finished in the next  couple of days. I want to get it done so I can devote my whole attention to finishing up my socks. New photos will be forthcoming in the next few days.

Of Bowls and Balls……oh and Fruit

I have seen many patterns for crochet bowls, I decided this would be a good project to use as a stash buster. I found a pattern online and set to making the bowls. Here is the first set I made, with a pear and apple. This first set is made from Vanna’ Choice yarns in a cream and purple color. I gifted these to a friend for her birthday.


I made a second set for a young lady whom I was fortunate to meet in Starbucks, she watched me crocheting the first set and I promised to make some bowls for her. She has a little brother so I made a couple of balls so she could share. I heard from her Mom who says that the bowls have been filled with various treasures.

The pattern for the nesting bowls is here, this pattern was also featured in the Issue 10 of Mollie Makes Magazine. I combined a few tutorials for the balls. The pear tutorial is here and the apple is here