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Project 52 Week 3

Candles from Isak’s birthday party

P52 Week 4 – Birthday Candles

These candles were on Isak’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen this past weekend.

Taken with my Polaroid Spirit 600

Living Life

Journaling reads:
In 4 weeks, I will be representing my country as a volunteer in the 2010 Olympics. This is how I am living my life.

Life True & Real

My new polaroid passion

Project 52 Week 2

Photo taken with my Polaroid Spirit Camera

Project 52 Week 1

I captured this beautiful sunrise over North Vancouver one morning when I dropped Isak off at school. I couldn’t believe the colours in the sky, they were positively brilliant

Project 52 – Week 3 – Isak in Bellingham

Taken with the Polaroid Spirit 600


Journaling reads:
In 2010 you will be my new best friend, my source of inspiration. I want to know you in every possible way. January 10, 2010

52 Inspirations 2010 Week 2
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Project 52 Wk 2 Sunrise 1

Taken from Isak’s School in North Vancouver, BC.

Project 52 Wk 2 Sunrise 2

Taken from Isak’s School in North Vancouver, BC looking twards
Iron Workers Memorial Bridge.
Looks to me like the sky was on fire.