I Can Hardly Move My Arms

I received an email last week from a friend about exercise and going to the gym. Today I can so totally relate to that email and I want to hurt the woman who taught the class I went to.

So, I decided I wanted to try a few gyms and went yesterday to Ladies Only Fitness (which is an awesome gym and very well equipped…..tv’s on the treadmills and elipticals…..who knew). Doing the Wii Fit made me realize I wanted to try some step classes and even put out an email on Freecycle to get a step board and video. The class started out normally, I missed a whole lot of steps and felt goofy doing it. I was having fun…..well trying to have fun without tripping over my own feet. The class finished and I got down on the floor to do some push-ups and some push-ups to work the triceps.

I thought nothing of this yesterday, my legs were sore but there was a lot of pushing off and up and down off the step so I figured it would feel better in the morning. I should have been suspicious that my arms might hurt when I was putting my earrings to go out last night and my arms were shaking and they were tender just above the elbow. I just didn’t clue in.

This morning about 4:00, in bed, I tried to move my arms…..OMG, it hurt so much! It is now 8:41 and it still is hurting, I am having a hard time putting my coffeecup to my lips. I think I need to lay my toothbrush down and run my teeth along it cause to hold my right hand up to my lips is like not going to happen.

I have to go and pick up a step board and video from a lady who was nice enough to offer me one from my freecycle email. I think I won’t be doing pushups anytime soon or working on my triceps. Gotta give those babies a rest!

I went out and took a photo this morning of my street – it is so quiet on a Sunday morning


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