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Weekend Skies #8

All weekend long we have seen the sky leaking some white stuff, has been coming down all night. Looked beautiful at 4:00am when I got up to watch Canada win gold against Sweden! Now just a mixture of snowy and rain.

First, proud Canadian Flag shot!

Go Canada

Snowy Pics

Weekend Snow

Weekend Snow

Weekend Snow


Weekend Skies #7

A mix of images this weekend, dark night, sunset, and a beautiful valentine rose from my 16 year old son.

Indigo Lights


moody valentine sky 02

Red Rose From Isak

Weekend Skies #5

Was a busy weekend, celebrated my son’s 16th birthday (actual birthday was on the 27th of January), with a party at the local Boston Pizza. Was a nice evening and I think they all had a good time. Today I went off and picked up the Learner’s Guide for my son, yikes to think he may soon be driving….ahhh well he is a good kid.

Here are a few images from the weekend

Cloudy Saturday Sky

cloudy saturday sky

Tulips in the Sun

tulips in the sun

One I snapped just a few minutes ago, the sky so blue with the moon

monday moon