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Weekend(day) Skies #13

Last weekend was so grey and overcast I didn’t even take the camera out. During the week, the sun came out and I snapped a few photos on my iPhone during a lunchtime walk.

Lunchtime Walk Lunchtime Walk Lunchtime Walk lunchtime walk 06

Weekend Skies #12

The weekend was not so nice, lots of grey skies so as I was off today (Monday, Mar 31), I am considering it as part of the weekend. It was spectacular out, sunshine, blue skies, and warmth. I took my camera and snapped a few photos of knitted and crocheted items I made. I sat in the sun drinking coffee and eating a muffin, knitting away on my sock. Here are a few photos from my walk

orning Has Broken Shawl

Morning Has Broken Shawl

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Mt Seymour

Rae Shawl

Tims, Socks, Sunshine

Weekend Skies # 11

The first cherry blossoms of the year on a walk I did, Friday was gorgeous, Saturday not so gorgeous and Sunday spectacular.

Here is a photo of  Grouse Mountain taken Saturday morning from my front porch. Foggy and cloudy but there is still quite a bit of snow up there. Pentax K100D

Grouse Mountain

Here is the same view today from my porch – lots of snow. Pentax K100D

Grouse Mountain Mar 23

Cherry blossoms in the sunshine, I think I took these on Friday (I was off work so it was my weekend). Taken with my iPhone

Cherry Blossoms

Weekend Skies #11

Better late than never, a couple of sky images while we were on our way to the Vancouver Giants game last Friday night. It rained for the rest of the weekend so these were the best there was.



Weekend Skies #10

Sunny blue skies to the north, cloudy grey skies to the south. Interesting cloud formations this weekend.

Pentax K100D
weekend skies 10 05

Pentax K100D

weekend skies 10 04

Pentax K100D

weekend skies 10 03


weekend skies 10 01


weekend skies 10 03

Pentax K100D

weekend skies 10 01

iPhone photo

weekend skies 10 04

Weekend Skies #9

Not a great photo but interesting. Taken on the way to Bellingham, Wa Saturday. It ended up snowing yesterday and the sky was pretty non-existent


Weekend Skies #8

All weekend long we have seen the sky leaking some white stuff, has been coming down all night. Looked beautiful at 4:00am when I got up to watch Canada win gold against Sweden! Now just a mixture of snowy and rain.

First, proud Canadian Flag shot!

Go Canada

Snowy Pics

Weekend Snow

Weekend Snow

Weekend Snow


Weekend Skies #2

There were no even interesting skies this past weekend, pure gloom and doom, lots of rain without any signs of it ever stopping. Thankfully it did on Monday so I captured these couple of images with my iPhone during my breaks at work.

10:30Morning Skies


Afternoon Skies

New Crochet Hooks

20130522-123001.jpgMother’s Day present from my son, just arrived in the mail. Thanks Angela from Polymer Clay Creations on Etsy.

Vacation & Rain

1 week vacation and supposed to rain all week, good for lots of relax and me time.