End of the Week

Here are a few photos from my Iphone Instagram App. I love my Iphone and I love Instagram. I am not sure how I feel about Facebook taking over Instagram but as long as they leave it alone and leave it free, all is good.

Love my pink converse, purchased at Target in Bellingham, Washington, they have come out of the closet for the season.

Pink Converse

Love these wrist warmers I made – the pattern is in Issue 10 of Mollie Makes Magazine. A British Publication that I wish I could readily get here in North Vancouver. The last Issue I have seen here was Issue 10 and Issue 13 is already on the stands, sigh. I guess I just need to bite the bulllet and subscribe.

Wrist Warmers

Here are my son’s socks which I am still working on, almost finished the first one and then will be on to the second one. I do like knitting socks, love the repetitiveness of stocking stitch. This pattern really calls for rib all the way through, me and rib don’t really get along, I prefer just knitting or purling, not a combination of both in the same row.

Socks In Progress


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