Towel Edging

Last weekend I set my mind to crocheting an edging on a towel I had here at home. I got my towel, tape measure and washable marker. I sat down at the table, stretched the towel out and proceeded to measure each half inch on the towel. I thought, this isn’t so bad and going rather well, patted myself on the back a little and carried on.

I went on to Google and found a tutorial for blanket stitch, ok now I am ready to go. I figured if I made a mistake, this is just a practice towel so mistake away. I threaded my needle with blue #3 crochet cotton and completed the blanket stitch.

I followed a pattern for crocheted edging from You Go Girl who has a great 4 part series.

Here is the first side done

Crocheted Edging

Crocheted Edging

I continued on with the other side and am pleased with how it turned out.

Crocheted Edging

I will definitely be making a few more of these. Have to find me some pretty towels to enhance.


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