Finished Socks and New Socks and Wrist Warmers

Finished Socks

I have finished knitting my first pair of socks. I was happy to cast off the last stitch and put them on my feet. I immediately started making another pair for my son.

Finished Socks


Isak’s Socks

Made from Regia Yarn, this striping pattern is visually pleasing to me. I am a colourful person and I like the brightness of the colours, Isak is looking forward to me finishing.

Isak's Socks


Wrist Warmers

I want to make these wrist warmers featured in Mollie Makes, I need to make these wrist warmers. I am unable to find the yarns people are using to make them. Some people have used Circulo Clea #5, no where to be found in Canada. I know it can be purchased off Ebay and a yarn shop in the UK, although with the exchange, becomes quite expensive. I will be searching around for a suitable substitute.



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