Granny Stripe Love

I received an order of yarn from Deramores in the United Kingdom, ordered on the 5th of May and arrived on the 10th of May, cost to ship to Canada $4.86, I was very impressed. I unpacked and the colours jumped out at me, the picture of them on the website did not do them any justice whatsoever. The picture below does not do the colours any justice but here they are all stacked up on my bed.

I am knitting a blanket for Isak and didn’t want to start a project with the yarn until I finished. Isak very graciously said I could put his blanket on hold and work on it during my knit nights. I immediately dived in and started on the Granny Stripe blanket. Here it is in the beginning – photo taken on Sunday at Waves on Main in Vancouver, the hot chocolate was pretty good too.

I have done about 15 double rows in the next pics – it is fun trying to decide what colour you are going to use next. I do take a peek at Lucy’s blanket here for some inspiration and I am sure some of my stripes and pattern are just like hers. I love her blanket and I hope if she ever sees this she will take it as a compliment!

Gotta have one from the Iphone too!

Since this photo was taken I have added 6 more colours, just bombing away on it.


4 responses to “Granny Stripe Love

  • priscilla

    very pretty ! I just made a granny stripe for my son with bright colors was a fun pattern ( I used the attic 24 instructions too !)

  • Suz

    Hi..thanks for popping by and glad you found the info useful…Deramores for Stylecraft? postage looks good but the price of the wool is very expensive?
    But so long as you are happy….most of the colours are lovely one or two are a bit bright and l use other brands like the orange bit in your face but works if you mix it with something more subtle
    I use 4ply as well and with all of them just blend colours together an th number of strands to get what l want
    Good luck with the projects
    Hugs Suz x

  • crochetingdoc

    Soooo nice ripple blanket and so amazing colors! I am doing one of my own (mind you, I am still in the beginning), but yours is really stunning and the colors really stand out and mix well with each other!
    Have a nice day,

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