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The Boy

Isak at the playground in Jun 08

Misty Cato – Prince Mud Puddle
Natasha Whiteley – Make It Pop Action
Pioneer Woman – Boost Action

Richer Kit Layouts

A couple of layouts using the Richer Kit released at the Sweet Shoppe Designs

Fonts used in the layouts:
Chillin – Misproject, Mia’s Scribblings & Nasty
Priceless – It Ain’t Rocket Science

Digging Dirt Layouts

A couple of layouts using Misty’s new Digging Dirt Kit
Photos of Isak when he was off on a trip with my parents in 2001 or 2002.
I can’t quite remember what year it was. I like the bottom one the best as
it has Isak with  my Mom.

Fonts used in the layouts:
Caution – Carnation
License to Build – Brush Script & Typewriter

Beautiful Mya

Photo of Mya posing at the Zoo in August 2008

Nancy Barton – Blink Kit
Something Blue Studios – Photo and Background Overlay
Font – Autograph Lanier

Winner and ……..

Woo hooo, I won a $5 gift certificate to Designer Digitals. I haven’t won anything like that before. There was a post on the Creative Inspiration Blog to leave a comment celebrating their first month of blogging. I like seeing what they feature and I love how the layouts are minimalistic layouts….my new scrapping style of choice. I thought, I can leave a comment and didn’t think anything about it. I checked yesterday and there was my name isaksmom all bold and everything. I sent a note off to them and am awaiting my gift certificate code. I was perusing Designer Digitals to see what I want to get. So many items to choose from!

We are off to a couple of parks this afternoon, Isak swims this morning and then we are going to head out with Andrea and Rowyn to Lighthouse Park and Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. Andrea thought maybe it might be a good day to walk up Cypress Mountain to her mom’s cabin but I don’t know if my arthritic knees could handle it. I will talk to Isak and see if he wants to go. I am sure it would be beautiful up there and I know I would get some fabulous photos.

Isak is enjoying his first weeks of school and on Tuesday, he has his first band practice. We went and purchased his band book and I would so love to be there to take some photos but maybe will try to go on the 2nd week and do some. We have to go to Windsor School for a lesson on the 17th, which is a requirement of all North Vancouver School District band students.

He is also quite excited about learning French, he is practicing on me and thankfully I remember a little bit from my school days.

Off to get him from a sleepover and head to Harry Jerome Pool for his first lesson this session!

More Wii Fit and First Day Photos

Wii Fit

Isak and I are on day 3 of the Wii Fit regime, Isak is loving it and I am having a good time doing all the aerobics. I don’t know how it is going to work when I go back to work but I am going to make it work for me. Isak likes doing all the balance exercises and has been doing some of the aerobics as well. Last night he unlocked Free Step which allows you to just step for periods of 10, 20 or 30 minutes. The Wii controller keeps time so you can do other things like watch tv or as Isak was doing, listening to the Ipod while stepping. It is going to be so beneficial for him as he isn’t very spots minded and will put on weight just as quickly as his mother does.

First Day

The first day was really yesterday on the 3rd of September. They went for the full day and Isak came home loving his teacher and is pleased with his class. His teacher is Mr Palmer and I went in this morning to meet him. Very nice man and I think Isak will enjoy having him for a teacher this year. Many of his friends are in his class so it makes it even better.
I ran into Mrs Tatum and told her once I am settled back into the school routine, I could help her out in the library again.
Here are a few photos of Isak from his first day

Here are two of my favorites

Enough already!

Wii Fit

I purchased a Wii Fit today and am loving it. Isak and I tried it out at a friends place in Ferndale last week and we got hooked immediately.
I have been haunting EB Games, Future Shop, Walmart, Superstore & Zellers for the past few days. Today I tried Walmart, EB Games, and Future Shop, called Costco, Toys R Us and even went so far as to call Target in Bellingham, Washington. I was prepared to drive down and get one of them if they had any in stock. No such luck……I hit a wall at every turn. We came home and I was trying to see if I could find one online. Struck out there too. Sooo I decided to call Zellers….low and behold they had them in stock. I had checked there on Friday night and no luck! As they couldn’t hold one, I drove as fast as I could (within the speed limit of course) to Zellers to pick one up.
We brought it home and set it up – played all afternoon with it. As you collect Wii Fit points you unlock different exercises and I unlocked all the Step ones. I had a great time and did an hour in exercise today which I am pleased about. Isak also enjoyed it and he was a hula hoop champ. I am not so good at that one. He was also doing the yoga moves…..yaaaaaaaaaawn LOL
We are going to try to do it every night, at least 30 minutes. We have both set a goal for 10 pounds over the next 2 months but that might be a bit ambitious. I may have to change it to 3 months. I am trying to lose weight gradually so I can have a better chance of keeping it off.
I go to Curves 3 times per week so combined with that, 30 minutes of walking, and 30 minutes of Wii Fit, I should be well on my way. I am going to try to faithfully track my progress on here……we shall see, I haven’t the best track record in blogging on a daily basis LOL
I will leave with a photo I took on my walk on the Seawall last month (I can’t believe I am actually saying last month for August….where did the time go). When I downloaded the photo, I realized it looked like a starfish, or the Pilsbury Doughboy, or something. Interesting nonetheless!