More Wii Fit and First Day Photos

Wii Fit

Isak and I are on day 3 of the Wii Fit regime, Isak is loving it and I am having a good time doing all the aerobics. I don’t know how it is going to work when I go back to work but I am going to make it work for me. Isak likes doing all the balance exercises and has been doing some of the aerobics as well. Last night he unlocked Free Step which allows you to just step for periods of 10, 20 or 30 minutes. The Wii controller keeps time so you can do other things like watch tv or as Isak was doing, listening to the Ipod while stepping. It is going to be so beneficial for him as he isn’t very spots minded and will put on weight just as quickly as his mother does.

First Day

The first day was really yesterday on the 3rd of September. They went for the full day and Isak came home loving his teacher and is pleased with his class. His teacher is Mr Palmer and I went in this morning to meet him. Very nice man and I think Isak will enjoy having him for a teacher this year. Many of his friends are in his class so it makes it even better.
I ran into Mrs Tatum and told her once I am settled back into the school routine, I could help her out in the library again.
Here are a few photos of Isak from his first day

Here are two of my favorites

Enough already!


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