Wii Fit

I purchased a Wii Fit today and am loving it. Isak and I tried it out at a friends place in Ferndale last week and we got hooked immediately.
I have been haunting EB Games, Future Shop, Walmart, Superstore & Zellers for the past few days. Today I tried Walmart, EB Games, and Future Shop, called Costco, Toys R Us and even went so far as to call Target in Bellingham, Washington. I was prepared to drive down and get one of them if they had any in stock. No such luck……I hit a wall at every turn. We came home and I was trying to see if I could find one online. Struck out there too. Sooo I decided to call Zellers….low and behold they had them in stock. I had checked there on Friday night and no luck! As they couldn’t hold one, I drove as fast as I could (within the speed limit of course) to Zellers to pick one up.
We brought it home and set it up – played all afternoon with it. As you collect Wii Fit points you unlock different exercises and I unlocked all the Step ones. I had a great time and did an hour in exercise today which I am pleased about. Isak also enjoyed it and he was a hula hoop champ. I am not so good at that one. He was also doing the yoga moves…..yaaaaaaaaaawn LOL
We are going to try to do it every night, at least 30 minutes. We have both set a goal for 10 pounds over the next 2 months but that might be a bit ambitious. I may have to change it to 3 months. I am trying to lose weight gradually so I can have a better chance of keeping it off.
I go to Curves 3 times per week so combined with that, 30 minutes of walking, and 30 minutes of Wii Fit, I should be well on my way. I am going to try to faithfully track my progress on here……we shall see, I haven’t the best track record in blogging on a daily basis LOL
I will leave with a photo I took on my walk on the Seawall last month (I can’t believe I am actually saying last month for August….where did the time go). When I downloaded the photo, I realized it looked like a starfish, or the Pilsbury Doughboy, or something. Interesting nonetheless!


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